Founding of the IMSEA in Seoul, South Korea, in September 2011

Tilman Seebass, “The Foundation of the IMSEA,” Musica Humana 3, no. 2 (2011): 239–50.

Mission Statement

The aim of the IMS Regional Association for East Asia (IMSEA) is to provide a forum for exchanges among music researchers in the region, regardless of their areas of specializations and subjects of studies. IMSEA was founded at the Western Music Research Institute, Seoul National University, Korea (September 16–18, 2011), and has held meetings every two years: National Taiwan University (2013), The University of Hong Kong (2015), Tokyo University of the Arts (2017), and Soochow University (2019). The next meeting of IMSEA will be held at Jeonbuk National University (2022) in Jeonju, Korea.


  • Jen-yen Chen (National Taiwan University, TW)

Steering Committee

  • Daniel K. L. Chua (University of Hong Kong, HK)
  • Youn Kim (University of Hong Kong, HK)
  • Meebae Lee (Jeonbuk National University, KR)
  • Nozomi Sato (International Christian University, JP)
  • Aya Ito (The International University of Kagoshima, JP)
  • Fumitaka Yamauchi (National Taiwan University, TW)
  • Suk Won Yi (Seoul National University, KR)
  • Hui Yu (Yunnan University, CN)
  • Zhang Boyu (Central Conservatory of Music, CN)

Rules for IMSEA Governance (approved by the steering committee, January 11, 2021)

  1. The term of the steering committee chair will span the interval between three iterations of the IMSEA biennial conference.
  2. The selection of a new steering committee chair will take place through discussion and consensus of the members of the steering committee.
  3. The responsibilities of the various committees for each biennial conference are as follows:
    1. Steering committee: selection of the local host; selection of the members of the program and local organizing committees (the program committee must include one member each from the steering and local organizing committees); general oversight
    2. Program committee: determination of all scholarly content, including individual paper presenters, panelists, keynote speakers, and conference theme;
    3. Local organizing committee: provision of all logistical requirements, both on-site and virtual;
    4. All members of the above committees must also be members of the IMS.

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